Monday, September 11, 2017


Directed by Kristin MaCarthy Parker
Produced by Recent Cutbacks 

Nomination: Outstanding Performance Art Production


About the Company: Recent Cutbacks takes parody seriously. They're inspired by nostalgia, irreverence, pop culture, and high theatricality.

About the Prouction: Kevin is alone... at home... Critically-acclaimed company Recent Cutbacks revamps a beloved holiday classic with live projections, puppets, and a four-person choir. Using their signature brand of humor and thrilling theatricality Recent Cutbacks staged this rendition of Home Alone.

Producer Lanie Zipoy tells us about the joy of bringing this beloved movie script to the live theatre.


What first attracted you to this project?

Lanie: We love the movie Home Alone, and wanted to give it a proper homage.

What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Lanie: Figuring out how to integrate a four-person choir into the show live on stage. And the choir's ugly holiday sweaters. They were the best!

What was the most challenging part of working on this production?

Lanie: Live projections and the interaction of actors with puppets.

What did you want the audience to walk away with after watching Kevin!!!!?

Lanie: Absolute joy and the desire to revisit entertainment from their youth.

Was there a noteworthy moment for you during this production?

Lanie: The granddaughter of one of the film's actors (he's since died) came to the production and loved seeing her grandfather's character represented on stage.

What was it like working with this group of artists?

Lanie: Their ability to fuse physical theater, live choir and projections in service of comedy. Brilliant. Also, they are the lowest maintenance group of artists I've ever worked with.
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