Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Like most Indie Theatre organizations, we have many ways you can "keep up," "stay in touch" and "be in the know" about the actives of the Innovative Theater Foundation. We are live and virtual. We are diversified, multi-channeled, multi-mediaed and socially networked.

Here is some of the ways you can "connect" with us:

Facebook: Events, activities, photos, quotes, updates, interesting Inide Theatre related stuff. We share it with our friends. Do you like us? or do you "Like" us like us? Friend us on Facebook.

We're twitterpated. Almost like Facebook but in 140 characters and forwarding stuff we think you'd be interested in. Follow us on Twitter.

Blog: We ask some of the most interesting artists working Off-Off-Broadway to contribute to our blog. And umm, it kicks ass. Want to know about creating gore for the stage? We've got a blog about that. Want ideas about how to green your productions? We've got a blog about that. Do you want to know why theatre is like Cosmology? Yep, We've even got a blog about that. Want to know what is on the minds of theatre artists just like you, check out our blog. Look at that, you are already here.

Show us yours and we'll show you ours. Follow us on Pinterest. We share some of our favorite photos, graphics and images. We'd like to see some of your favorite theatre images as well. 

YouTube: Videos from the Nominee Announcement Parties, Ceremonies, tribute videos, interviews with theatre people and other stuff that we've recorded. Check us out on YouTube.

Update: Our Update is sent out once a month and includes stories about the community, information about important events and happenings, details about our activities and spotlights OOB artists. It is currently going to 21,000 theatre lovers in the NYC area. If you want to be one of them, sign up today.

MySpace: We do actually have a MySpace page. If you do too and you feel we've done a crapass job of updating it, you're right. Leave a comment and tell us that you use MySpace and we should do a better job of keeping it up to date. Our MySpace page.

Website: Our website is really the hub of our activity. From there you can: register your productions, vote on shows, take the surveys, read the results of the surveys, check out community events and news, read about us and find shows that you want to attend. AND we are planning a big redesign to be launched very soon.

Our busy season is upon us and we have some really exciting things that we are currently working on. If you want to stay connected, choose your poison.

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