Wednesday, August 29, 2012

F*It Club

F*It Club
has nominations again this year for Outstanding Original Short Script. 

We asked Executive Director Allyson Morgan to talk to us about the success of their short play festival and some of the philosophies of this bold company.

What was the inspiration for The Spring Fling: My Best/Worst Date Ever.

F*It Club started The Spring Fling in 2011 as a collection of 8 short plays themed on a very general idea of dating, hooking up, etc.  For our presentation in 2012, we wanted to specify and refine that theme to tighten the show and make the pieces more cohesive, although we didn't want to lose the universality of relationships. As we were brainstorming, we kept coming back to awkward first dates, which made all of our company members and our playwrights excited - we knew we had hit on something.

What is your favorite line(s) from these plays?

Here are my favorite lines from our nominated plays:

A Map of Broken Glass
by Anna Ziegler: "Israel is a map of broken glass. And the pieces, the shards, don't fit together to make a whole. But it is the knowledge is the understanding that that is the case that makes us each whole. Do you see?"


by Lucy Boyle: coincidentally, my line :) "Find, somehow, all I wanted was still to find, Mr. X--someone, whomever he would be and he could be--you?"


You were nominated last year for your festival as well. What is it about your short play festival that you think judges and audiences are responding to?

We strive to be more than just another "festival."  All of the work is commissioned and carefully vetted, along with the entire artistic and production staff.  We also aim to speak to an under-represented twenty and thirty-something theatre going audience, and want to present work that feels visceral and exciting that can compete with online entertainment that pervades the zeitgeist. Additionally, we continue to work with colleagues who are at the top of their game in our community.

It seems that we are seeing more festivals in the Off-Off-Broadway community.  Why do you think that is?

Short plays are, frankly, easier and cheaper to rehearse and stage.  Additionally, they bring in a diverse and larger audience. The more participants you have involved, the bigger the potential for a wider reach.  There is also a hunger to work amongst the community and short play festivals or collections allow the maximum amount of participation.

F*It Club is one of the most creative names for a production company. What was the origin of that name?

F*It Club was born from the idea of "Why are we waiting for people or circumstances out of our control to give us work? F*ck it, let's make our own work."

What is F*It Club currently working on?

We're in pre-production for a short film, a web series, a fall site-specific theatre project, and Spring Fling 2013, tentatively titled The Spring Fling: The Morning After.

Congratulations to F*It Club!

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