Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Archiving!

This month we are very excited to dedicate our blog to archiving. 

For decades Off-Off-Broadway shows have come and gone. Many without much fanfare, press or enduring record of their existence. Artifacts and evidence of an entire generation of theatrical work is being discarded even as we post this. Personal collections of programs, photos and posters are moldering away in the back of closets or warping in old file cabinets. As venues shutter or companies disband or people move on, many of these historical items are being lost. 

We encourage all OOB companies and artists to start archiving today. Documenting our productions is not only important now, but for generations to come.

This month we are so excited to host a number of theatrical historians and archivists including:
  • Trav S.D., Vaudeville Historian
  • Tiffany Nixon, Archivist for the Roundabout Theatre Company
  • Arminda Thomas, Curator for the Ruby Dee/Ossie Davis Archives
  • Ozzie Rodriguez, LaMaMa Archivist
  • Frank Kuzler, Executive Director of DecadesOut

and others

And we will conclude this month with a very exciting announcement. We're so excited that we can hardly wait to share it with you.

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