Thursday, May 29, 2014

Down & Dirty Guide to Using Hashtags

Twitter has become a very popular way to promote OOB productions, share ideas or insights and connect with other artists and theatre creators. The use of hashtags is a common practice that can help followers (and potential followers) search for specific topics or areas of interest, however they can sometimes be confusing. 

So, here is our 
Down & Dirty Guide to Using Hashtags:

  • Hashtags start with the "#" symbol followed by the word or phrase (no spaces) for example, #Knowledge  or  #KnowledgeIsPower
  • Hashtags can appear anywhere in the tweet; beginning, middle or end
  • Think of hashtags as key words or phrases that are relevant to your topic
  • Hashtags help you categorize tweets or search for similar tweets
  • Hashtags can help you contribute to an ongoing conversation. For example during the IT Awards ceremony we use #NYITAwards. Any tweet using that hashtag will be categorized together and will automatically be included in the our stream.
  • The use of hashtags is one of the ways "trending" statuses are determined. If a hashtag is very popular and used by many people, that topic is identified as trending.


Twitter has identified seven basic uses for hashtags:
  1. Promotion of products, events or activities
    "Our show opens tomorrow. Buy your tickets today! #IntrepidPlayers"
  2. Coordination of activities
    "Participants can get water on the corner of 34th & Broadway #CleanUpNY"
  3. Memes
    "Flat Maria Irene visits the set of Donkey #FlatIndie"
    or maybe
    "Hey Girl, Seen any good indie theatre lately? #SeanWilliams"
4.  Context
   "There are so many great companies working #Off-Off-Broadway #OOBRules"
5.  Recall
     "Rehearsal at 6PM #schedulechange"
    "There are 2 kinds of theatre, commercial theatre & theatre that matters. 
     We're here to celebrate theatre that matters." ~ Edward Albee #quote

7.  Contribute to a conversation


  • Do not over use hashtags. Best practices suggest only 2 hashtags per tweet
  • Do not use hashtags to spam. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the topic
  • Only use a hashtag if it adds value to your tweet
  • Search for similar tags before creating your own
  • Clicking on a hashtag, shows you all the other tweets using that hashtag

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