Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Technology and Live Performance

Does our ever expanding and changing technology make theatre obsolete?  How does live performance remain relevant in a society driven by virtual relationships and experiences. How do artists capture the imagination of an audience surrounded by on-demand, multi-platform media? These are questions that artists around the world have been asking for years.

While some institutions struggle to compete with modern technology, many artists are embracing it and are at the forefront of harnessing it. They are changing the paradigm and the questions being asked.

How can contemporary artists use technology to further evolve their art? How can modern devices help reach a broader audience? How can technical innovations change the relationship between the performer and the audience?

We have dedicated May to exploring technology in live performance, onstage, back stage and administratively. We have some great  contributors this month including:

Gabe Zichermann, Chair of GSummit
Darian Rodriquez Heyman, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer of BetterWorld Wirless
Ryan Holsopple, Artistic Director of 31Down
Nick Micozzi, Executive Director of the Innovative Theatre Foundation
and more...

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