Friday, May 2, 2014

The Rules of Archiving

Setting up a company archive may seem a daunting task but taking it one item, one production, one season at a time will make it more manageable. Set up an infrastructure from the outset for the collection of the data during the process and then create time in the schedule and/or after the production closes to tie up any loose ends.

As a reminder, here are our RULES OF ARCHIVING:

  1. Identify Early
  2. Identify Thoroughly
  3. Save the Original
  4. What to Keep
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Consider your Storage & Preservation Materials
  7. Be Persistent
  8. Share

Having an archive makes retrieving and sharing information much easier. It creates a history for your company, demonstrates the evolution of your work and contributes to the fabric of the community as a whole.

And we want to thank Arminda Thomas for sharing the American Theatre Archive Projects' archiving manual. It is a fantastic source.

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