Sunday, February 14, 2010

Next Week's guest blogger: Doric Wilson


Thank you to Katie Rosin and Antonio MiniƱo from Kampfire Films PR for blogging for us last week. Your marketing and PR tips are good rules to live by.

Next week's guest blogger is Doric Wilson.

Doric Wilson was the first playwright at NYC's legendary Caffe Cino, his comedy And He Made a Her opening there in 1961. His success, in the words of playwright Robert Patrick, helped “establish the Cino as a venue for new plays, and materially contributed to the then-emerging concept of Off-Off-Broadway.” A social-political satirist, Doric Wilson has focused his career on the development of queer culture, receiving in 1994 the first Robert Chesley Award for Lifetime Achievement in Gay Theatre; the 2007 IT Award for Artistic Achievement; and in 2009, the ATHE Career Achievement Award for Professional Theatre. He is an elected member of the National Theater Conference.

TOSOS theater company
publisher: United Stages


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