Tuesday, September 23, 2014

April March, Fragments from an Unintegrated Life

April March, Fragments from an Unintegrated Life
Written and Performed by Lenore Wolf
Directed by Yvonne Conybeare
Produced by Metropolitan Playhouse

Nomination: Lenore Wolf is nominated for Outstanding Original Short Script

About this Production

April March is a performer who lives in the East Village. In the piece (among other things), she talks about and discovers what it means to her to have worked at her art and to live as an unrecognized actor. She struggles in the moment with what is important to her, with loneliness and revealing herself to the audience.

April March...
was a part of East Side stories: Movers, three one-man portraits of East Village residents based on in-person interviews.

Writer & performer Lenore Wolf talks about illuminating a prominent burlesque star and East Side resident.


What inspired you to write April March...?

I wanted to write something true.  I hope people experienced the story and performance as true and found something about life that they recognized. I also owe MANY thank Yvonne, who directed the piece -- She spent long, late hours with me -- and to Lee Brock, of The Barrow Group, and to Austin Pendleton.

What did you want your audience to come away with after viewing your play?

I think each audience member will come away with whatever he or she needs to come away with. In a sense that is not my business. It would be nice to think that someone felt better about themselves or did something differently after experiencing the play--but I certainly did not think about that when I wrote the piece. I tried to tell some truth that meant something to me and to the person it was written about.

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