Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NYC Living

Contributed by Sophia Gutchinov

Since I was little, I have always gone to NYC to see the Christmas tree or for a day trip since I am from NJ. When I was in high school and a drama major, I went more frequently for acting auditions. I did some jobs here and there and every time I went to NYC, I loved it even more. I love how every person has a story in this world and how even more interesting people’s stories in NYC happen to be. People come from all around the globe to the USA for opportunity and a better way of life. Certain individuals come to NYC to pursue their dream. I did just that. I applied to colleges around the Northeast coast and one in California. I applied to two colleges in NYC. I ended up at Marymount Manhattan College, as a BFA acting major with a minor in neuroscience. I have now lived in NYC for 10 months of my life and intend to live there for the next three years at the least. I chose NYC not because it is close to home, but because I really feel like I belong here. I enjoy the rush hour that seems to be every hour of the day. I enjoy meeting new people every day with such inspiring, hear trenching, and interesting stories. I fully realized what it is like to come to America with no money when I started my new job as a server’s assistant at The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges two months ago. I work with people from Bangladesh, Egypt, Senegal, Albania, Georgia, Poland, and around this country. Some of my coworkers really came here with nothing and decided to make a new life for themselves in NYC and I respect that entirely.

Being in NYC as a 17-year-old freshman for the first time away from home was self-shaping I have to say. In NYC, you are alone and must fend for yourself. Someone will take that empty seat on the subway train or bus before you even spotted it. You are one in a city of 3 million and you can be easily replaced, if you allow yourself to blend in as a number. I did not do that. I took opportunity where I saw it and never took a break. I have now learned this summer working full time and having three internships is a lot to handle. But now as an incoming sophomore, I will take a break because by living in NYC, you can caught up in it all and never stop moving.

I do enjoy my peace and quiet, though. After living somewhere where every moment is go-go-go, it is really worth it to take a ride away from the commotion of the city and go somewhere like Brighton Beach or a spot that no one seems to know about, which you have to find for yourself. Don’t get me wrong; it is not easy living in an over-populated city where everyone is in competition. But this is what keeps us “New Yorkers” going, right?


Sophia Gutchinov: 2014 Innovative Theater Awards Intern. Attends Marymount Manhattan College to receive the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree theatre and minors in neuroscience. Her educational achievements are: Dean’s List, International Baccalaureate Certificate, and previous member of National Honor Society.Other achievements are: Rising Sun Performance Company General Management Intern, NY Innovative Theatre Awards Production Intern, Research Assistant for a Multiple Sclerosis at Aspire Health and Wellness Center, Emerging Leaders program at MMC, creating a chapter of Glamour Gals-volunteer organization at MMC, modeling in Tara Subkoff’s Imitation of Christ “This is Not a Fashion Show” Fashion Week 2012 Event-NYC, Two River Theatre Playback Program, Barbizon Outstanding Personality Award. Her personal interests are: animals, biking, cosmetology, swimming, nutrition, fitness, yoga, geography, culture, psychology, art, photography, museums, traveling, and music. Wherever her life’s journey takes her, she always wants to continue helping the world through her altruism.

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