Monday, September 29, 2014

The Interns Take the Stage

"Thanks to our interns
So young and eager and savvy

Sophia, Heide, Karley, Lidia and Gabby
Rebecca, Sally, Stephanie and Brian Petty
Their all so freaking awesome, it makes us a little heady
You deserve so much more than just a college credit
If we had a million dollars you can bet that you would get it.”
                                 ~ Jason, Shay, Nick and Akia

This year we had an incredible group of interns who worked with us to host the 2014 celebrations.

They are smart, dedicated and incredibly capable.
If you have a chance to hire any of these amazing theatre artists, DO IT! You will be glad that you did.

We asked our interns to write about their impressions of OOB, NYC and theatre in general. Over the next week we will post their thoughts.

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