Friday, September 19, 2014

The Awake

The Awake
By Ken Urban
Directed by Adam Fitzgerald
Produced by kef theatrical productions

Nomination: Christian Frederickson is nominated for Outstanding Sound Design

                   Kevin Thomas Garcia Photography

About this Production
The set is on fire. The flood waters are rising. The interrogation is starting. Are we better off asleep? Three strangers - a devoted son, an Eastern European actress and a Canadian man on the run - awaken to discover they are connected by a mysterious corporation. Faced with lives they no longer recognize, they must confront a shifting reality of secrets, strangers and unmarked doors. In a world in which it's easier to close our eyes, Ken Urban's heart-pounding new play asks: Is it time to wake up?

Sound Designer Christian Frederickson talks about how sound can not only influence the world of the play, but in some instances actually help create at world.


What attracted you to this project?

Christian: This script has huge possibilities for the sound designer. There are quick shifts between the dream realities of the characters and I felt that those would best be realized with sound, especially in a small space like 59E59. Every sound designer wants chances to create the worlds of a play instead of just the usual doorbells and transition music.

What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Christian: I really liked getting in the rehearsal room with the cast to build the skeleton of the design early in the process. I felt that their performance rhythm would be affected by the sound design, so I wanted to make sure they were accustomed to it before tech. I always prefer to be in rehearsal from the beginning so the design can be developed organically throughout the process.

What was the most challenging part of working on this production?

Christian: This was a big show to put in Qlab, with a couple of lengthy, complicated sequences: a flood, a burning building, a secret interrogation center with dogs and nightmare-voiced interrogators. The entire show was challenging, but very rewarding to do.

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