Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Glory of Living

The Glory of Living
By Rebecca Gilman
Directed by Ashley Kelly Tata
Produced by Revolve Productions

Nomination: Hannah Sloat is nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role

           Photos by Hunter Canning

About this Production
Empty beer bottles.  Crumpled-up potato chip bags.  A sweaty, soiled clump of sheets.  The TV blares.  The Glory of Living follows the story of Lisa, a girl who leaves her trailer home and prostitute mother to join Clint, a man who loves her very much. The two take off and travel through the rural south of our not-too-distant-past, living in motel rooms, paid for with cash from minor theft.  As their crimes turn from petty to depraved we are confronted with a portrait of America that no one wants to call home, an America slipped-through-the-cracks of nameless victims and their equally nameless perpetrators.  A handcuff.  A jacked car.  A ride through the woods.  A distant gunshot.  The TV blares

Hannah Sloat talks about making a long-time ambition come to fruition by producing and acting in The Glory of Living.


What attracted you to this project?

Hannah: I first came into contact with The Glory of Living when it was assigned to me in a scene study class at acting school. I was disturbed and enthralled by the piece, especially the character of Lisa. The role stuck with me and I've always wanted to take her on in a full production. So when I finished out the run of War Horse at Lincoln Center and began looking for my next project, I quickly came back to The Glory of Living and decided to produce it myself.

What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Hannah: It was a thrill to finally work on this role that had been calling out to me for years, and to share that experience with a great company, director, design team, and eventually an audience, was to see a dream realized.

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